Apply To Become a Partner
Apply To Become a Partner

SilkRoadExpo’s proprietary marketing platform allows you to list products directly on our site, but process orders on your website. By joining SRE you’ll expose your products to thousands of global shoppers, while collecting all of the customer’s details for your own records and further promotions. SRE finds you the shoppers, you gain the customers.

How it Works?

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Become a member partner
of SRE.

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List your products on our site (or use our listing service)

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Shoppers click to buy your products, automatically directing them to your site, to complete the purchase

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Connect with other retailers and wholesalers in our members only community

Where do shoppers come from?

SRE’s visitors and shoppers are a qualified mix of repeat customers and new customers driven from four key traffic channels.

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Exclusive email newsletter:

Tens of thousands of shoppers receive our weekly newsletter. All partners/products are featured in the newsletter at different times.

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Pay-Per-Click campaigns:

Products are promoted on our Google and Facebook PPC and ads to targeted global fashion shoppers.

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Social media:

Members' products are featured on all of our social media platforms, including: Our fashion blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, WeChat and more.

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SEO traffic:

Keyword optimized articles and press releases are frequently published featuring our partner’s products.

Who can become a member partner?

Because SRE is a trusted marketplace for shoppers to buy, retailers will need the following to qualify as one of our partners:
(Wholesalers are not required to have a website. You can list directly on SRE's website)


Your own retail website.


A well designed website.


Quality products.


Outstanding customer service.

Join hundreds of other fashion and home decor retailers
and wholesalers